Best Christmas Movies on Netflix to Watch This Holiday Season

best christmas movies on netflix

As the holiday season approaches, nothing sets the festive mood better than a heartwarming Christmas movie. Netflix offers a wide selection of Yuletide films that cater to all tastes. Whether you’re looking for timeless classics, romantic comedies, or family-friendly animations, Netflix has something for everyone. This guide will walk you through the best Christmas movies on Netflix that are perfect for cozy evenings at home.

Explore the Best Christmas Movies on Netflix for Every Taste

A Christmas Chronicle (Comedy)

A Christmas Chronicle

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Siblings Kate and Teddy, one believing in Santa and the other a skeptic, accidentally hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh. Their chaotic presence throws Christmas Eve into disarray as they crash the sleigh! Now, they must collaborate with the jolly Saint Nick to deliver presents and ensure a magical Christmas. It’s a hilarious and heartwarming adventure for the whole family.

The Christmas Chronicles 2 (Comedy)

The Christmas Chronicles 2

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Siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce are whisked back to the North Pole for another Christmas adventure. This time, a mysterious mishap threatens the Christmas spirit, and they team up with Santa and Mrs. Claus to save the holiday. Expect snowy escapades, elf shenanigans, and a heartwarming race against time to keep the magic of Christmas alive. This film is sure to be among the best Christmas movies on Netflix, perfect for festive family viewing.

The Princess Switch (Rom-Com)

The Princess Switch

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Chicago baker Stacy DeNovo and Princess Margaret of Belgravia are identical strangers. Desiring an everyday life, Margaret convinces Stacy to swap places for the holidays. Laughter ensues as they navigate each other’s worlds. Sparks fly for Stacy with Prince Edward, while Margaret falls for Stacy’s best friend, Kevin. With Christmas approaching, they must switch back, but will their hearts stay where they belong?

The Holiday Calendar (Rom-Com)

The Holiday Calendar

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Inheriting a magical advent calendar, baker Katie discovers each day’s treat comes with a glimpse into her future. From surprise encounters to burnt cookies, the calendar guides her path. As Christmas nears, will it lead her to love with the charming new guy or a deeper bond with a longtime friend?

Let It Snow (Teen Romance)

Let It Snow

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A snowstorm blankets a small town on Christmas Eve, trapping a group of high schoolers. Jubilee, a bookworm, unexpectedly bonds with a pop star on a train. Dorrie, a waitress, navigates a complicated crush while her best friend gets tangled in a love triangle. And Tobin, secretly pining for his best friend, gets a chance to rewrite their dynamic. As the snow falls, these interwoven stories explore love, friendship, and the magic of finding yourself during a holiday unlike any other.

The Christmas Inheritance (Rom-Com)

The Christmas Inheritance

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Stuck-up socialite, her dad cuts off Ellen! To inherit his company, she must run a cozy bakery in his quaint hometown. With zero experience, can she whip up holiday magic and impress the locals, all while learning the true meaning of Christmas (and maybe even finding love with the handsome innkeeper)?

Arthur Christmas (Animated)

Arthur Christmas

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Arthur, Santa’s accident-prone son, discovers a missed present on Christmas Eve! With time ticking, he secretly sets off on a wild, high-tech sleigh ride with Grandsanta (Santa’s action-hero grandpa!) and an enthusiastic elf. Their hilarious, grandpa-powered mission to deliver the gift before sunrise is a race against time, filled with near-disasters and heartwarming moments that redefine the Christmas spirit.

The Claus Family (Family)

The Claus Family

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Nick Claus, Santa’s son, feels pressure to follow in his jolly giant footsteps. Toymaking isn’t his forte, and delivering presents worldwide seems impossible. When a chance encounter with a struggling family reignites his Christmas spirit, Nick embarks on a secret mission to rediscover the joy of giving. Through his journey, he learns the true magic of Christmas lies not in perfection but in the act of kindness itself.

A Very Murray Christmas (Comedy)

A Very Murray Christmas

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Bill Murray struggles to film his Christmas special at a snowy New York hotel. With a blizzard raging and guest cancellations mounting, Murray drowns his sorrows in holiday blues. But the night takes a turn as celebrity friends like George Clooney and Maya Rudolph drop by. Expect musical performances, quirky humor, and a touch of holiday magic, all wrapped up with Bill Murray’s signature deadpan charm.

The Holidate (Rom-Com)

The Holidate

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Dreading singlehood at holidays, Sloane and Jackson strike a deal: be each other’s plus-ones for a year.  From awkward family dinners to romantic New Year’s Eve, they navigate the year as platonic partners. Yet, amidst the holiday cheer, sparks fly.  Will they risk ruining their perfect arrangement for a chance at real love?


This holiday season, Netflix offers an extensive collection of Christmas movies that cater to diverse tastes and traditions. From heartwarming classics to hilarious new releases, discover the best Christmas movies on Netflix to enhance your holiday experience. So, grab a blanket, prepare some hot cocoa, and settle in for a movie marathon to keep the holiday spirit alive in your home.

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